Join and Support With Our Community

We have various way you can get involved with our community so that you can get support or help others with our products and services that we offer.

If you have any issues, need some personal support from our community or if you are looking to give some great ideas that will help our future developements. Our community if friendly and supportive.

Open Source
We do a range of work on Open Source projects including our own projects, We love giving our time back to the Open Source communities with. This in turn gives us great satisfaction and rewards.

Have you thought about getting into open source developments or looking to help a project out. If this is yes feel free to take a look at our community see what we are involved in along with our own open source projects.
Most of our open source projects are usually worked on through github and is a great reasource to report issues and help towards our codebase.
Community Forums
Our community Forums will be coming soon.
coming soon
Pull Request
With many of our projects you can submit pull requests via github which gets approved by our core team and open source team.
Report Issues / Bugs
This is the key to keeping our projects upto date and secure, Have you found a bug or see something that is not right, request new features too..
Open Source Team
Become part of the Open Source Team, get involved with our software and solutions we have released open source.

How To Contribute

Are you a developer or designer and looking to contribute to our projects, We have many ways you can contribute this could be from reporting issues testing our feature Or even requesting access to write to our core code for our next up and coming releases on the projects you wish to help on.

There are various ways from using pull requests via github which is one option or you can request to become an open source developer wishing to support and add code / features, fix bugs. we will be adding options below to help you get started.

Can't find what you're looking for?
Dont worry we are here to help you every step of the way, no matter how big or small, Need support feel free to contact us.
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